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Uber Show Notes

Show Notes



Hello and welcome. I am Jazmin Butler and today 'm giving my review of an App called Uber.

Uber is an app that serves as a type of private driver. It's an on demand Taxi service that doesn't require reservations far in advance. It's been around since 2009 but there has been a surge in popularity recently.

I initially learned about this app when I visited a few friends of mine in DC. We were going out for drinks and my friend Adrienne told me to download the app and order a car to pick us up.

So, This is how it works. After you download the app, you enter basic information that you would for any other type of account (name/email/password) as well as the payment method. After that you just need some place to go. The app locates you via GPS, you select the type of car you need (say an SUV for 5 ladies going to a lounge in DC), then you request an available driver. The driver I had called me directly when he arrived. And payment, which is the best part, can be done easily in 10 seconds on your phone.

So now that you have the gist, I'm going to highlight the top features that this app has. Number 1, as I just mentioned it removes the need for cash or credit card because even a small alleviation of the tediousness of travel is appreciated. Number 2 is quality control. There is a rating system that lets you provide direct feedback to Uber. You can give between 1 and 5 stars. and Finally number 3, there are incentives. My friend Adrienne was incentivized to share the app with me because she got a $20 credit for each referral. what I got out of it was a $20 free credit toward the first ride. So Uber is doing something right with their marketing because Not only did Adrienne get me to download it, the other 2 girls we were with downloaded it too.

The credits alone got us through the weekend. For us, the cost was virtually nothing so we were willing and able to use, experience and become brand ambassadors to some degree.  you really feel like its you own personalized car service. Their target audience appears to be you young urban professionals. Specifically women. I mean the hero on the homepage features sleek black and white images of women who appear to be in control. They reference "being a boss" "getting things done", etc. which I think is a good move.

Now here are a few disclaimers. Even though you can rate the drivers, they can rate you as well. Which I'm sure serves as an incentive for drivers to participate.   So don't put your feet on the dash or come outside 15 minutes late or anything like that. It keeps everyone accountable, which I can appreciate. The other disclaimer is that the rates change. They call it surge pricing but it's basically supply and demand.

Overall my experience with Uber was a good one. It seems like quick easy way to get quote unquote a black car experience. Whether you're in an unfamiliar city, a group of college students without a designated driver or...a group of twenty somethings day party hopping.

I hope this information has been helpful. Thanks for listening.